Discussions are more interesting when people have different opinions on a subject. Here are some ways to encourage a good discussion. • Ask for people's opinions. Ask questions that encourage a response: What do you think about cosmetic surgery? Where do you stand on giving money to beggars? • When
  • - improving students' ability in asking and giving opinion by ... - Neliti
    Abstract. This study was about the use of hangman game in teaching speaking to improve students' ability in asking and giving opinion. The writer used. Hangman Pro (Ken Winograd:2007) in the project. It was a classroom action research on the eighth grade students of SMP in Pontianak in academic
  • - 10A. Asking for and Giving Opinions and Preferences - PIIMT
    39. 10A. Asking for and Giving. Opinions and Preferences. - Agreeing, Disagreeing and Interrupting -. In business we typically must be more diplomatic than. Dirty Harry, but we have all had managers and bosses about that difficult! Our goal here though, is to be more tactful, but yet still express
    Abstract: This research is about improving students' speaking skills to express asking and giving opinion through role play. The methodology of this research is a classroom action research which consisted of 3 cycles. The subject of this research was the eighth grade students of SMPN 2 Mandor
  • - 25 PHRASES FOR EXPRESSING OPINIONS I ... - English Online Inc.
    I think…. I believe…. I feel…. I suppose…. I guess…. According to me…. In my view…. In my opinion…. In my eyes…. It seems to me that…. From my perspective…. From my point of view…. From my view point…. As far as I'm concerned…. Personally, I think…. I'd like to point out that…. What I mean
  • - Giving your opinion – exercises - LearnEnglish Teens
    Speaking skills practice: Giving your opinion – exercises. What films have you seen recently? Were they good? Gemma and Jack bump into each other at the cinema and talk about films. Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and follow the instructions to practise your speaking
  • - Conversation Skills 3 – How to give opinions - Immigrant Centre
    Conversation Skills #3 - How to give opinions and how to express hesitation in conversations ... communication skills such as how to listen to each other and how to give and share opinions, and how to express ... exercises, ask each group to come to the front to share (present) one of the questions from the question cards to ...
  • - Lesson 26: Giving Opinion (Agreeing/Disagreeing) (18 ... - cloudfront.net
    related to MEETINGS. Main Topic 3: Meetings. Lesson 26: Giving Opinion (Agreeing/Disagreeing) (18-25 minutes). I. READING. Exercise 1: What's missing? ... “I just want to ask about the new company ______, have you heard about them?” 2. “It is not fair to ______ such a rule without the consensus
  • - LPE2013 - Asking For and Giving Opinions - Mengajar English
    Asking For and Giving Opinions. Made by: PCV Truong M. Nguyen, Abdul Mukhid, S.Pd. Date: 2012 (Source: No What, What). BOLD all that apply: Grade: SMP. SMA. University. Level: Basic. Intermediate. Advanced. Skill: Reading. Writing. Speaking. Listening. Tags: SMA 1. Perform introductions / greetings
    II. Basic Competence. Expressing the idea in a transactional, interpersonal, and sustained conversation accurately, fluently, and communicatively in daily life context involving the expression of asking and giving opinion. III. Objective. Students are able to identify the expression of asking
  • - Lesson Plan About Teaching the Function of Giving Opinion/Agreeing ...
    using giving opinion language, agreeing or disagreeing language. The learners substitution of the subjective and adjective to find someone whose opinions are exactly the same as theirs. To play this game, students move around the class asking for and giving opinions the subjects listed
  • - Discourse Strategies (Unit 3, page 35) Asking for and giving reasons
    Asking for and giving reasons. A. Use these expressions to ask for and give reasons for opinions in a discussion. Asking for reasons will help you understand your partner's point of view. Practice saying each. Asking for reasons. Why do you say that? What makes you say that? How come you think
  • - Asking opinion - SMA Sedes Sapientiae Jambu
    Asking and giving opinion. Sedes Sapientiae Jambu SHS_2015. Asking opinion : Formal : - Have you got any comments on ….. - Do you have any idea? - Do you have any opinion on …… - Would you give me your opinion on……….? - What is your reaction to …… - What is your opinion about……….? - What are you ...
  • - Not pack - BBC
    and other phrases connected with opinions. Materials: Worksheet 1 ... The language work focuses on other phrases that are connected to giving opinions. The final ... i. Are you for or against…? ii. I'm not so sure. + Come off it! (Informal and strong). iii. Neither do I. + So am I. iv. If you ask
  • - Language Help 8 - Asking For and Giving Opinion
    LANGUAGE HELP 8. ASKING FOR AND GIVING OPINION. Ask for an opinion. $ In your opinion . . .? $ As far as you're concerned . . .? $ According to you . . .? $ What do you believe about . . .? $ What do you think about . . .? $ What is your opinion on . . .? $ What is your point of view
  • - UNIT 7 Could You Help Me Please?
    144 Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VII. Section One: Asking for and giving things, services, clarification; asking and expressing opinion; and giving personal responses. Presentation. Activity 1. Listen and repeat after your teacher. Pay attention to the stress. 1. Borrow. 2. May. 3. Lend. 4. Give. 5
  • - Giving Advice and Expressing Opinions - WikiEducator
    to the textbook, Grammar Dimensions 2, Unit 10, Giving Advice and Expressing Opinions. The lesson has three connected .... Ask students to think about their own experiences and give advice about how to be a better language learner. 1. Encourages peer-‐to-‐ peer dialogue. 2. Visual image and clear
  • - Expressing attitudes - Trinity College London
    Aims: To prepare students for the Conversation task by practising debating techniques and giving examples of phrases they can use for this part. Objectives: Asking and answering questions, showing interest, engaging in discussion and challenging arguments and opinions. Topic: Generating interesting
  • - improving students' ability in speaking about asking and giving ... - Neliti
    Abstract: Improving Students' Ability in Speaking about Asking and Giving. Opinion through Guided Conversations is a Classroom Action Research at Eighth. Grade B Students of SMP N 21 Terpadu Pontianak in Academic Year 2011/2012. The aim of this research is to know how guided conversations improve
  • - teaching conversation - La Mansión del Inglés
    discussions. Topic: Giving opinion. Asking for opinion. Agreeing and disagreeing. Time: 10 minutes. Handout 6. What's Your. Opinion? Use: Discussion functions, fluency. Topic: Controversial statements. Time: 35 minutes. Handout 7. Student. Presentation. Use: Vocabulary expansion, fluency, public
  • - 1 WORKSHEET - Asking and Giving Directions. - Asking for tourist ...
    Topics: - Asking and Giving Directions. - Asking for tourist information. For this term we are going to have a book support, it is called, New. Opportunities. Along the guide you are going to find some references for working on it. Here you find some ways of transportation. Have you ever used any
  • - Objectives
    Asking and giving directions. Invitations: understanding simple invitations and requests. Habitual actions. Oral and Written Expression. Describing yourself to others: work, hometown, family... Describing people, places, and things. Indicating what you like/dislike: opinions. Completing forms
  • - Sentence Starters for Expressing an Opinion in English and ... - SDSU
    Sentence Starters for Expressing an Opinion in English and Spanish. STATING YOUR OPINION. DECLARAR TU OPINION. It seems to me that … In my opinion, … I am of the opinion that … I take the view that .. My personal view is that … In my experience … As far as I understand… As far as I can see… As I
  • - Speaking 3. To express functional meaning in the transactional and ...
    interpersonal conversation. (giving opinion, asking opinion, expressing satisfaction. •. Th e stud ents are able to mak e con vers atio n in pair s. •. Expression: giving opinion, asking opinion, expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction. • Expression: expressing relief, expressing pain
  • - Verbal Boxing - Onestopenglish
    disagreeing) and ask students to read both worksheets and then complete the exercise ... Give out the strips of paper on the other debate topic from Worksheet 3 to ... Expressing opinion. In certain situations, both at university and in our careers, we have to give our opinions and discuss subjects
  • - regulations on asking shareholders' opinion in writing - Sacombank
    Article 1. Principles for asking shareholders' opinion. 1. Ensure the principles of publicity, justice and democracy. 2. Ensure the benefit for all Sacombank's shareholders. Article 2. Conditions for participation in giving opinions. Only Sacombank shareholders listed on the last record date
  • - Journal of English Language Teaching ACTIVATING ... - E-Journal UNP
    Abstract. Teaching process in speaking English is really difficult for some teacher in. Senior High School, especially in Asking and Giving Opinion. Unparticipation from students during teaching speaking become major problem to solve. Also, the monotonous teaching speaking which focuses through
  • - Kumpulan Ungkapan Meminta Dan Memberi Pendapat Dalam ...
    Berikut ini, beberapa ungkapan yang sering digunakan dalam meminta dan memberi pendapat dalam bahasa Inggris (expression of asking and giving opinion, conversation about asking and giving opinion beserta artinya). Biasanya ketika kita akan membeli sesuatu atau pergi kesuatu tempat dan lain
  • - SOME GUIDELINES …. …to saying “No” …to expressing an ...
    …to expressing an “unpopular” opinion …to asking for what you want …in giving criticism …in accepting criticism. Guidelines to Saying “No”. • Be sure whether you want to say yes or no. If you are not sure, say you will need time to think about it. • Ask questions if you don't have enough
    MODULE 1 GETTING READY BY BECOMING INFORMED, ASKING QUESTIONS AND EXPRESSING AN OPINION. Helpful hint .... K Ask questions;. K Listen to questions from others. LISTENING TO THE PROjECT PRESENTATION. Listen to the person(s) in charge of the project give a brief presentation of it. Add to your list ...

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